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Keith Helm’s Practical Tips for Colorado Gardeners

For a beautiful yard and garden, follow these tips from the pros.

  1. Add Color with Annuals

    Plant some annuals in your yard either in beds or pots. These will add the really popping colors to your landscape throughout the summer and fall.

  2. Know Your Plants Water Needs

    Know what’s planted in your yard, and if your flowers, plants and trees require high, moderate or low water so that you can set your irrigation system accordingly. Try to plant items together in zones with similar watering needs rather than mixing and matching high and low water use plants in the same area. If your current landscape requires a lot of water, consider changing the plantings to native plants. This will allow you to water less often and still have a beautiful garden.

  3. Use Pots & Planters

    Pots can be really great in so many ways and areas. Vegetables, herbs, annuals, cacti and winter pots can really bring something refreshing to your yard and patio.

  4. Mix it Up

    Plant something unusual in your yard, that everyone else does not have – a wisteria vine – a “weeping” tree of any variety – a rose of sharon tree – pink poppies. Plant something in your yard that takes you back in your memory to your parent’s garden.

  5. Use Mulch to Conserve Water

    Adding in a 2 inch layer of ground cover mulch to planter beds is a good way to conserve water. Doing this will lower the temperature of the soil and dramatically reduce evaporation. You will also get the added benefits of weed control, erosion control and adding organic matter to the soil.

  6. Express Yourself with Art

    Add cool yard art, either large or small, to bring your own personality and taste into your landscape. Even big rocks and boulders can make the same type of statement.

  7. Bring the Outdoors Inside

    Dinner plate Dahlias are easy to grow and are stunning and prolific. They can even be done in pots. They are also great for cutting and bringing the outdoors inside all summer long.

  8. Use All-Natural Mulch

    When using mulch, use mulch that is natural. Mulch made from wood products often bring in disease and insects. We recommend a 100% cedar mulch, double shredded, which doesn’t blow around like bark or chips. All mulch fades overtime, so adding a little fresh mulch will freshen up your yard. I would avoid dyed mulches also. They tend to look fake, because they are, and unnatural in your yard